NZ Tahr & Trout – With Bluey, Profty and the Athol Boys





『Aussie Bush Harvest』さん
「NZ Tahr & Trout – With Bluey, Profty and the Athol Boys」です。
Bluey and I had an insane mission in New Zealand hunting tahr and fishing trout. The adventure was epic, the hills and streams delivered and the good times were natural. Chur!

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NZ Tahr & Trout – With Bluey, Profty and the Athol Boys


■投稿者:Aussie Bush Harvest
■公開日:2018-01-06 07:28:58
■視聴回数:1355 (※紹介時現在)



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    • vicgarrett
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Great trip lads and thanks for taking us along. Terrific people and country side. HOPE THE HEALTH ALLOWS YOU TO HUNT TOGETHER FOR YEARS TO COME.

    • hank braff
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Great vid Profty, epic trip whats not to like about NZ eh, thanks for sharing.

    • Coco Charlie matenga
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Wow, what an epic bucket list adventure. Thanks for taking the time to film, edit and share what a beautiful country NZ has on offer to the world. Chur bro.

    • Southern Alps Hunter
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Glad you had a wicked trip mate, she's a mint spot up there aye?

    • 3550rebel
    • 2018年 1月13日

    One of the best things about summer hunting and fishing in New Zealand is that you can concentrate on finding the game or the fish and not worry about stepping on bloody snakes. In Australia you have to be wary of not stepping on some of deadliest snakes in the world. One reason to considered emigrating to New Zealand.

    • JoshCairns
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Awesome mate. I've spent ALOT of time in both areas there, and know some of the Athol boys. Good crew. Next time you're over, give us a shout.

    • Rabbit Ranger
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Your vids are epic brother!

    • Regan Johnston
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Aww churrrr broo!
    Glad you enjoyed Nz brother.
    Im from the Nth, have yet to go down south. Looking forward to it though.

    • Frey Visthaer
    • 2018年 1月13日


    • lefthandstan
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Best one to date

    • Max L
    • 2018年 1月13日

    unbloody real, gotta get over there

    • Hamish Graham
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Awesome team

    • Aussie Backyard Food
    • 2018年 1月13日

    What a trip!
    And back to a 40 degree sweat box!!
    At least I feel a little cooler having watched ya vid
    Thanks for sharing Mate

    • Bolt-Action Productions
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Hard not to have a great time in that location. Thanks for sharing mate

    • Onthemark
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Too bloody good! Onya mate big thumbs up!

    • Zac Rayward
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Macaulay hut?

    • Alex Gaeta
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Nice video mate

    • Kyall Drinkwater
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Fuckin tops that’s living

    • shane edwards
    • 2018年 1月13日

    What calibre where you shooting?

    • Chubby Hori
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Too good. Keep up the good work.

    • FindinG JoE
    • 2018年 1月13日

    I always hit the like button prior see the videos. Cause i know it's gonna be awesome!!

    • Luke Dempsey
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Awesome Profty , you found paradise bro . I must get over there soon .

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