Red Hook Annelid – Flashy and Simple Annelid – McFly Angler Fly Tying Tutorial





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「Red Hook Annelid – Flashy and Simple Annelid – McFly Angler Fly Tying Tutorial」です。
Red Annelids are a very important and common food source for trout in almost every river in the world. In many rivers like my local river (The San Juan River) trout will gorge themselves on these small yet high protein worms. This means that using flies that mimic them will yield high results.

The red hook is a popular hook for mimicking these red annelids. You can literally just fish the hook, without anything on it. Many guides do this because their clients loose so many flies, it makes short work of loading their boxes with annelid patterns. And it hurts less when they are lost. However, we who love to tie flies have some other options of this popular fly. Including this one, which uses some micro tubing for ribbing and a black head.

Here is the list of materials I used on the fly.
Hook: Daiitchi 1273 in size 20 –
Thread: Veevus 14/0 in black –
Wrap: Micro Tubing in Yellow –
Head Cement: Bone Dry UV Curing Resin –

Also, here is a list of tools I use to tie my flies.
Vice: Renzetti Travler 2200 –
Whip Finisher: Dr. Slick 4″ –
Bobbin: Rite Standard Bobbin –
Scissors: Dr. Slick Razor 4″ –

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Red Hook Annelid – Flashy and Simple Annelid – McFly Angler Fly Tying Tutorial


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■公開日:2018-01-05 17:00:01
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    • Robert S
    • 2018年 1月13日

    I like your quick fly ties.  I don't mind losing a fly that I only spent a few minutes on.  But I almost cry when I lose one that I spend 1/2 hour on.  Keep up the interesting, very good channel.

    • Busted Bait
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Thanks for the inspiration man. Keep the videos coming.

    • Adam Grasinger
    • 2018年 1月13日

    I always wondered if you could get a fish to bite on a bare hook. I guess this proves it lol. But that's a really nice pattern, do you think it would work as a red Chironomid for still water if I changed up the tubing color and head color?

    • Stew Outdoors
    • 2018年 1月13日

    What a great fly ! Being a Florida cracker I think I would use it on a Sabiki rig ?

    • Taliesin Angling
    • 2018年 1月13日

    You should review your new vice.

    • Dylan Smothermon
    • 2018年 1月13日

    I was just fishing the San Juan a few days a go and my friend and I were using flies similar to this and he caught three fish over 20” on this fly

    • Sean Mooney
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Hey Buddy, (forgot your name Sorry!) Did you get a new vise for Christmas? Hope you the wife and children are doing well. All the best, Sean

    • abe frohman
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Very nice.

    • Mr_FishBrain
    • 2018年 1月13日

    what is an annelid?

    • Jason Snyder
    • 2018年 1月13日

    Kelly Galloup recommends flashier flies for bright days and muted flies for overcast days whether water is dirty or clear.

    • H&F FL
    • 2018年 1月13日

    First #notisquad

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