Shimano Aldebaran BFS XG review: Shimano’s lightest reel ever? Winter trout fishing ultra light





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「Shimano Aldebaran BFS XG review: Shimano’s lightest reel ever? Winter trout fishing ultra light」です。
16 Aldebaran BFS XG On the water review: Shimanos lightest baitcasting reel BFS fishing for trout

Shimano Aldabaran BFS XG
Ebay link

Rod used is a discontinued St Croix Legend Gulf coast
Line used:
Lucky craft Snacky
Lucky craft stream drive 45:
Yozuri Pins minnow:

winter trout fishing
winter fishing tips


Shimano Aldebaran BFS XG review: Shimano’s lightest reel ever? Winter trout fishing ultra light


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■公開日:2017-12-21 00:02:39
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    • MadSouth_Bassin
    • 2017年 12月25日

    I have a stile wich is similar to the regular alderberin. If i could trade it for a steez or metanium mgl would it be worth doing?

    • Sebastian Rene
    • 2017年 12月25日

    I have an aldebaran bfs xg and I was wondering of they have any usdm bfs rod.

    • Vinfish F
    • 2017年 12月25日

    No wonder your videos get banned; you’re a lefty explains everything

    • Mike M
    • 2017年 12月25日

    When r u gonna mess with the saltist

    • Mark Shane
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Good Video, I must be way behind I don’t know what BFS stands for, but I do like that reel. I don’t do much bait casting and only have 2 older Daiwa baitcasters. The Amazon link goes to a Daiwa BFS reel not a Shimano.

    • doza183
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Nice video, I'm going to buy one too. I also have a video idea for you. Daiwa just released their new LT concept spinning reels (Light & Tough) – Ballistic LT, Exceler LT, Tatula LT, Fuego LT, Legalis LT. Maybe you could open one and see how they improved the weight and also if they are really that tough. Standard Exceler 2500 265 grams, New Exceler LT 2500 205 grams. Daiwa never had light spinning reels like Shimanos Ci4+ series except for the luvias. Most of the LT models are budget reels but maybe they are still good?

    • Lex Cooper
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Hello Mr.Tour, I have a question for you. I want to upgrade the bushings on the worm gear to bearings on a Daiwa Steez A and a Daiwa Zillion SV-TWS. I've read on forums that it helps support the worm/pinion gear connection under load. Do you know what size bearings I would need? I've been scouring pages and pages of daiwa reel schematics and I cant find the exact size. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Tight lines my friend!

    • Shane Mohr
    • 2017年 12月25日

    You should do a review on the kastking speed demon. Its supposed to be the worlds fastest baitcast reel. Id like to know an honest review on it before purchasing one.

    • Daniel Dean
    • 2017年 12月25日

    This is where you can read a little specs about the rod used. I was glad to see the what you were using, I really wish the BFS craze would get fully to the US.

    • rex jonhdeer
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Hey man I was thinking of getting a okuma Helios tsc for steelhead and coho fishing. What's your opinion on it as you know more about reels then me.

    • MrMgbattousai
    • 2017年 12月25日

    I'd like to see that reel on a edge rod.

    • MrMgbattousai
    • 2017年 12月25日

    So jealous, I need one!

    • Fern Delisle
    • 2017年 12月25日

    If there is a mixup when you ship reels back I won’t mind haha

    • Lance Howard
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Awesome, been thinking about building my own St. Croix rod just so high for their top blanks, might just get one completed through them.

    • Brian Fortak
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Nice to see someone else using a single hook on hard baits. Recently took the back treble off of my 13F SP Minnow and threw a single inline on the front for stripers and people have been giving me some odd looks. The action without the tail hook is so scrumptious though. I also did the same for my 08 X Rap. I don't use hard baits often enough so I have no clue how well the single hooks do first hand but you seem to have been doing well with them so that's awesome! Regarding the first thing you said, are you located in New Jersey?

    • Eason Mun
    • 2017年 12月25日

    nice reel and trout man

    • Bass Casters
    • 2017年 12月25日

    R u down to collab? I got some well known spots that I figured out

    • Jake orr
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Does Daiwa have anything that I could use for a finesse baitcaster? I won't throw anything under a 1/8th or 3/16

    • Wow?
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Is the reel worth money? I’m thinking for the future to get the scorpion bfs. Plus I would think it would be fun and I do hate smaller spinning reels when they have line twists.

    • Justin Parker
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Great video!

    • Alexander Grant
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Love your videos

    • Fish Finder
    • 2017年 12月25日

    What kind of clip were you using? It did not look like a tactical angler's clip…

    • Hobie-Wan Kenobi
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Those St Croix rods were a steal at half off. Super nice USDM BFS rods. Also I love the precision of BFS when creek fishing.

    • Fisch1
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Those little bastards lol

    • Henry
    • 2017年 12月25日

    nice video, glad to see you out and fishing! also whats your opinion on the shimano caenan?

    • EAMON Kon
    • 2017年 12月25日

    Does Daiwa have a finesse baitcaster as well? If so, is it better than this one?

    • Tackle Advisors
    • 2017年 12月25日

    I'll have the unboxing and tear down up tomorrow!

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